Message from WHIMA President
Kari Bjorge




Happy HIP Week 2020!

2020 has provided several bumps in the road and, as Health Information Professionals, we have and continue to make amazing advances during the uncertainty that this year has given the entire world, health ecosystem, and our profession. Together we can and will move the mountains we are faced with during this year and beyond. Together over the last year I have observed greater collaboration within our profession. This greater collaboration has allowed our profession to move forward with great advancements in a very short amount of time. With that being said, I would like to say THANK YOU for all you do and Happy HIP Week!

WHIMA is proud to recognize the 2800+ Health Information Professions in the state of Wisconsin who work at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business. While patients do not often see us, we see patients in a way no other healthcare professional does. This is because Health Information Professionals ensure that sensitive health stories remain accurate, accessible, protected, and complete—at all times. To each of the 2800+ Health Information Professionals in the state of Wisconsin, THANK YOU for your role in impacting healthcare and keeping health information human information.

In appreciation –
Kari Bjorge, RHIA, CCS
WHIMA President

This week is a great opportunity to introduce HIP professionals to the recently released AHIMA Professional Enhancement Campaign (PEC) Toolkit. This toolkit tells the story of the health information professional with empathy, optimism, and fortitude and offers a new way to talk about what health information professionals do and how we can explain our value. It is intended to reimagine who we are as professionals, rebound from previous perceptions, and to renew our brand and value to the healthcare landscape.

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To all the 2800+ health information professionals in Wisconsin, THANK YOU! Your work to ensure that tomorrow’s healthcare will be even more connected, more accurate, more innovative and more extraordinary is recognized, appreciated, and honored!