Enhancing the HIM Profession – A NEW Elevator Speech

By Vicky Wolf, RHIT, CPHQ


Hello and Happy Spring! It has been a couple months since we made our new year’s resolutions and I am checking in to see how they are going? And, how about your new elevator speech? Have you been practicing it? Or, are you stuck in the writing phase? Specifically, AHIMA’s Professional Enhancement Campaign (PEC) challenged each of us to develop our own elevator pitch to follow along with their new branding statement, “AHIMA is the leading voice and authority in health information, wherever it is found.”

If you are having trouble personalizing your own statement, perhaps this will help. WHIMA held a virtual networking event on April 20th where a panel of HIM professionals gathered for a conversation about our profession and how it has evolved and continues to evolve each and every day. We live in a world of information – health information – especially during this pandemic as we are receiving data reports everywhere. And, it is becoming more apparent that health information is human information, that health information is driving innovation, and that health information is impacting our wellbeing.

During our conversation we created a word cloud of the words that we use to explain our role as a health information professional. It was exciting to see the words pop up on the screen as members typed them in using their smart phones. Our largest word on the screen was curious – as we in our roles need to be curious as we adventure forward into this profession and work with all this information. Other words involved – diligent, dedicated, passionate, devoted, leaders, powerful, innovative, adaptable, productive, and bold and many others mirrored the 3 words shared with us by AHIMA in their Professional Enhancement Campaign (PEC) tool key. These three words are as follows:

  • Empathy
  • Optimism
  • Fortitude

Our networking event turned to creating another word cloud on some of the roles or job titles that are evolving in the profession. The roles/titles that popped up were interesting and surprising. Many of them involved around information and working with data and numbers. Such as; Health Integrity Access Specialist, Integrity Specialist, Denial Management Specialist, CDI Specialist, Data analyst, Clinical Data Specialist, Project Management, Security/Privacy Specialist, and Compliance/Risk Specialist to name a few.

With that, we did a poll of the members attending to inquire about their workplace setting and many are continuing to work remotely and some are gradually returning to the office. As our role and functions are evolving so are our work settings. HIM is dispersing in a positive direction.

The purpose of the PEC campaign is to move HIM to the forefront! No longer should HIM professionals be content with being the invisible workers behind the scenes. The healthcare landscape is changing, providing HIM professionals with more opportunities! Be confident and share your expertise!

Volunteer to step up and work on projects that take you outside your comfort zone. Don’t be shy about sharing what you do in your profession. Speak up with your new elevator speech!

For ideas and examples in crafting your elevator speech, check out the AHIMA PEC tool kit. Access the toolkit on the WHIMA website.

And – if you are job seeking, be sure to utilize the PEC tool kit to enhance your resume with new words. Last, but not least, check out the AHIMA Career Map for those new job titles to land the job of your dreams.

Health information is Human Information – Health information is Driving Innovation – Health information is impacting our Wellbeing – Watch your WHIMA e-alert for upcoming networking events.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation…

Until next time – Stay curious and Be bold.


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About the Author

Vicky Wolf, RHIT, CPHQ is an Allied Health Instructor for the HIT/MCS Program at Waukesha County Technical College. She is an active volunteer on the WHIMA Membership Engagement Team. Vicky can be reached at: Vwolf1@wctc.edu