WHIMA Legal Resource Manual: For Patient Health Care Information

An important resource on confidentiality and the release of patient information, more than 600 health care professionals in Wisconsin rely on the WHIMA Legal Resource Manual for Patient Health Care Information.

Updated annually, the 2015 edition incorporates the latest rules, newest HIPAA regulations and most recent legislation affecting health care in Wisconsin. Highly practical, the Manual contains guidelines on how to respond to the many requests and questions your organization receives every day.

Want to know what to do when an attorney asks for a certified copy of a patient’s medical record, or need guidance on how to respond to a request for the HIV test results on an employee? You’ll find the answers in the Manual. Let it help you balance the patient’s right to privacy with the legitimate uses of patient medical records.

“I am very impressed with the Legal Resource Manual. I have paid hundreds for manuals which are not nearly this complete. The HIPAA section is better than some of the manuals I have purchased separately.” Nancy Davis

Director of Privacy, Ministry Health Care, Sturgeon Bay, WI

It’s packed with useful information, and well organized for ready reference, with:

The legal system and its relationship to Federal, state and administrative laws are explained. Other features include basic concepts about a patient’s medical records, and your role in protecting the privacy of the patient.

Statutory Reviews
Wisconsin statutes as well as Wisconsin administrative codes and Federal Statutes are presented in outline form, and written in easy-to-understand language.

Issue Discussions
Interpretative guidelines are provided on topics such as electronic signatures, faxing of records, data security, optical imaging, records for minors, cancer registries, and worker’s compensation.

HIPAA Requirements
Needs are addressed within the statutes and the issue discussions chapters. Other sections cover medical records access by individuals, business associates, covered entities and privacy officers, as well as HIPAA non-compliance penalties

It’s proving its worth to many users.
Subscribers include Health Care Providers and Health Information Professionals, among others.

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Access to the WHIMA Legal Resource Manual Portal is obtained by a yearly subscription. Your subscription will expire 12 months from the payment date.


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