WHIMA Legal Resource Manual: For Patient Health Care Information

Effective January 17, 2018, the WHIMA Legal Resource Manual will no longer be available for purchase.

The WHIMA Legal Resource Manual has been a resource on confidentiality and the release of patient information for a number of years.  Issues, discussions, and statutory reviews were included on many topics, as well as information to be taken into consideration when creating procedures.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the availability of online resources to get answers to questions.  Also, organizations will more often have access to a legal team who can advise them on issues and provide guidance, as well as final decisions on policy and procedures.

The number of subscribers to the Legal Resource Manual is relatively low, yet the membership of the Legal Resource Team spends many hours researching and investigating legal and regulatory topics in an attempt to keep the manual up to date.    With limited volunteer resources in WHIMA, consideration was also given to the limited value returned by that relatively large effort of volunteer time that could be used in other areas.

For these reasons, the WHIMA Board made a decision at the January 8, 2018 BOD meeting to disband the Legal Resource Team, and stop production of the Legal Resource Manual.   WHIMA will honor current subscriptions through the respective expiration date.  Subscriptions expire one year from payment date. 

WHIMA members can still reach out via the website with specific questions and the WHIMA Policy and Legislative Team will continue to watch for legislative news to share with members.

Thank you for your support of the Legal Resource Manual throughout the past years!

WHIMA 2017-18 Board of Directors