WHIMA Legal Resource Manual

An important resource on confidentiality and the release of patient information, more than 600 health care professionals in Wisconsin rely on the WHIMA Legal Resource Manual for Patient Health Care Information.

Updated annually, the 2015 edition incorporates the latest rules, newest HIPAA regulations and most recent legislation affecting health care in Wisconsin. Highly practical, the Manual contains guidelines on how to respond to the many requests and questions your organization receives every day.

Want to know what to do when an attorney asks for a certified copy of a patient’s medical record, or need guidance on how to respond to a request for the HIV test results on an employee? You’ll find the answers in the Manual. Let it help you balance the patient’s right to privacy with the legitimate uses of patient medical records.

Part 1: Introduction

    Part 2: Statutory Reviews

    A.  Wisconsin State Laws

      B.  Wisconsin Administrative Codes

        C.  Federal Laws

          Part 3: Issue Discussions

            Part 4

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