The Value of Volunteering

Get caught up in the excitement of being on a WHIMA team.  WHIMA needs YOU to help fulfill our Mission, Vision and Strategic Priorities/Objectives!  As a team member or another volunteer, you would assist WHIMA in accomplishing our goals for the Association, the membership and the HIM profession! Team members are needed to help execute the strategic priorities and objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of serving as a volunteer?

There are many benefits to serving as a volunteer including personal growth, networking, and giving back to the Association. It also fulfills the AHIMA Code of Ethics.

In an interview with WHIMA member and volunteer, Charley Wessberg, CCS, Charley stated: “As a WHIMA volunteer, I have reaped enhanced knowledge of this fast pace field, amazing networking opportunities, team-building skills and leadership skills!”

How long do I serve as a team member?

The commitment is for 1 year. The Association year begins in July and runs through June. You can also choose to remain as a team member for multiple years!

I really have not been involved with anything on the state level, can I still volunteer?

Absolutely! Just complete the online volunteer form and you will be contacted about how you can serve. Although it is a volunteer position, one of the most important qualities of a good team leader or member is the ability to commit to and follow through on a project.

How much time is required to volunteer?

The time it takes varies by team.  Please see the current list of WHIMA Teams for a description of time requirements.  If you have an interest in a team but can not give the time to fully participate on the team, please complete the online volunteer form.  There may be an individual task within the team’s responsibilities that would work better for your schedule and time.

What happens if I become a member of a team and then I experience life changes, i.e. job change, move, family obligations, etc. and am unable to fulfill my commitment?

WHIMA certainly understands that life can change for our volunteers.  Perhaps there are other ways you can volunteer if you experience a life change and can not fulfill your original commitment. There may be an individual task within the team’s responsibilities that would work better for your schedule and time.  There may be another team that interests you and works better with your schedule and time.  If there are no alternatives that will work for you given your change, then WHIMA will reassign your responsibility and hope that you will volunteer again when it works better for your personal and professional life.