Quick Tips for Training Staff in a Remote World

By Lauren Forbes, RHIT

With a remote team set up, now you may face the challenge of getting them trained. The types of training may include new staff, new processes or updates to policies or software.

  • Create a schedule guideline with expectations to ensure that the trainer and trainee(s) stay on task. Document the upcoming training sessions so they can mark off completed trainings.
  • Work with schedules in advance to make sure everyone needing training will be in attendance. If possible, do not reschedule these training sessions.
  • Utilize a webinar service or Microsoft Teams to share screens. This will allow the trainees to view the trainer screen and vice versa. If working one on one, remote screen sharing can be a great tool for very specific tasks. The trainer can show the trainee and then the trainee can share their screen to demonstrate the task.
  • NOTE: One of your first training sessions may need to be about the technology you are using, such as Microsoft Teams, to ensure that users become familiar with the tool and how to navigate it appropriately.
  • If working with a large group, breakout sessions may allow for an increase in feedback and more one on one training. Make these short and during the main training sessions.
  • Encourage participation from the trainees. Keep them engaged in the training and ask questions throughout. Having cameras on for at least part of the training is a great way to make sure they are involved and actively listening.

When the training is completed, a survey asking participants to evaluate the training, what was most/least beneficial and other questions can be sent. This may assist in future training sessions.


About the Author

Lauren Forbes, RHIT is the Senior Health Information Operations Manager at Ciox Health. She is an active volunteer on the WHIMA Membership Engagement Team. Lauren can be reached at: Lauren.Forbes@cioxhealth.com www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-forbes-4428b6130