Corporate Partners

WHIMA is pleased to provide this listing of corporate partners to our members and all who visit this web site. Corporate partners provide support for leadership development, participate on teams, and work collaboratively with WHIMA on activities to advance health information management best practices in Wisconsin.

We invite you to become a Corporate Partner with WHIMA.

WHIMA 2022 Corporate Partners

Featured Partnership Level


Brittany Talley
Phone: 714-914-5444

Every record represents a real person. Each data point is a potential game-changer in someone’s life: a connection to be understood and acted upon. For 40 years, Ciox has advanced the healthcare industry through better health information management and exchange of health information. We help our clients manage, protect, and leverage health information to achieve operational improvements, optimized revenue, and better patient outcomes.

Elevate Medical Solutions

Mallory Johnson
Phone: 608-819-9766

Established in the heart of the Midwest, Elevate Medical Solutions is a highly experienced, fully credentialed team of 100% US-based HIM and coding experts. We are proud to provide personalized medical coding solutions and customer service that delivers a bespoke client experience. Integrity is the bedrock of our founding principles at Elevate Medical Solutions and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.


1351 N. Belcrest Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802
Matt Vicarel
Phone: 216-385-4400

Solarity dramatically improves the accuracy, accessibility, and interoperability of electronic medical records through innovative, service-backed technology to capture and index healthcare documentation.

University of Wisconsin Extended Campus

Lyndsey Agler
Phone: 614-325-6433

Academic Organization

Featured Friend Level

The Great Plains Telehealth Resource & Assistance Center (gpTRAC)
420 Delaware St. SE
8-100 PWB
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Zoi Hills
Phone: 888-239-7092

Whether you’re just starting out with telehealth, or are well along in your telehealth journey, the range of options and pace of change can be overwhelming. Let gpTRAC get you on the right track toward implementing a strategy that truly fits your clinic or practice. We’re one of a network of 14 federally funded programs that have worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations of all sizes, helping them develop telehealth programs to best meet their needs. Give us a call for free and unbiased guidance, no matter where you are in your telehealth journey.

1000 Madison Avenue,
Suite 100
Norristown, PA 19403
Susan Benedetti
Phone: 215-205-6622

As a single-source technology and service provider for health systems and providers, MRO’s EMR integration, workflow and clinical data solutions improve clinical and financial outcomes requiring extraction and interoperability of medical records, structured and unstructured data. These solutions support enterprise-wide applications, including quality measurement and reporting, payer access, revenue integrity and audit management, registries, release of information, and more. Through innovation, emerging technologies, and deep domain expertise, MRO is connecting over 200 EHR and practice management systems, extracting more than 10,200 clinical data elements, and engaging nearly 200,000 providers, securely, efficiently, and compliantly. For more information, visit