Mentor Program

A Powerful Tool

Every great leader had or has a great mentor. And every leader should sooner or later act as a mentor. Why? In mentoring and in teaching, you as the mentor will also learn and develop. At the same time learning and growing will eventually enable your mentee to become a teacher and mentor too.

The WHIMA Mentor Program is part of an overall leadership development program for members. Mentoring is a powerful tool that allows WHIMA membership to draw on the wisdom within the organization and learn from each other.

Who Can Participate?

A mentor is a seasoned veteran in their field, and a member of WHIMA who is willing to share their guidance and answer questions. Mentors are able to indicate their area of mentorship and the length of time available to mentor. Furthermore you will have the freedom to choose how many mentees you would like to help. The goal is to help one another, not to be an inconvenience. Your chosen Mentee and you will work out the best plan for communication to be successful.

How Do I Participate?

Mentors: If you are interested in being a mentor, please fill out the Mentor Sign Up Form with your biography.

Mentees: As a mentee you need to be a WHIMA member and looking for guidance in the HIM field. Mentees need to be personally engaged in their professional growth and open to feedback. Fill out the on-line form with your area(s) of interest or need while giving us as much information as possible to help us match you with the best mentor.

What Are the Expectations?
  • Meet regularly with your mentoring partner.
  • Be teachable and keep an open mind
  • Be accountable to yourself and your mentor

Mentor Sign Up Form

Mentee Sign Up Form

Looking for direction in your career? Willing to share your experience? The new WHIMA mentorship program is perfect to match a Mentee with a Mentor. WHIMA is committed to helping its members be the best they can be. Join the WHIMA Mentorship Program today!