Scam Alert:  Fraudulent Requests NOT from Walgreens

WHIMA has become aware of fraudulent attempts to obtain patient information by impostures who are posing as Walgreens.  Per the information WHIMA has received, the Walgreen Privacy Officer has confirmed that these are not being sent by Walgreens and that they would never request medical record copies.  The physical mailing address on the request is the same as the Walgreens Medical Record Department. The scammers attempt to have records faxed to a fraudulent fax number.  These requests are being sent to providers across the country in an attempt to obtain PHI and insurance payment information.

Here is a link to the correct Walgreens Auth PHI form.  The correct fax number is 217-554-8955.

Here is the link to the correct CVS form. Their correct fax number is 401-652-1593.

All other forms and requests should be rejected.

Please be alert and spread the word!