Volunteer—Make a Difference!

By Lauren Forbes, RHIT

The COVID pandemic impacted aspects of our lives and society, including volunteering. According to fidelitycharitable.org, volunteering has dropped almost two-thirds since before the start of the pandemic. When we are volunteering, we are offering what is not required of us. Just a few examples doing the needed action, raising awareness, or raising monetary donations for a cause. It is important to continue volunteering through the pandemic as there has been a significant decrease in volunteers, donations and the need is greater than before.

Volunteering can be done individually or in a group. Often, volunteering with a familiar group such as coworkers, friends or fellow classmates will make volunteering more enjoyable and more likely for volunteers to return. Virtual volunteering opportunities have also increased over the past few years. We will take a look at a few volunteering ideas that you can do by yourself or with a familiar group.