WHIMA Call for Award Nominations

WHIMA sponsors various awards to recognize excellence in our profession. You are on the front lines, juggle many duties, and take on various assigned tasks – all while maintaining your daily work functions. Because you all have great HIM teams, you know better than anyone how efforts of your own individuals and co-workers have surpassed the expected performance.

There are several awards that WHIMA makes available each year to publicly and professionally recognize these great individuals and characteristics. Description of the categories can be found here.

  • Distinguished Member
  • Distinguished Service
  • Rising Star
  • Motivator
  • Educator
  • Professional Practice Mentor Award
  • Spirit of WHIMA Award

WHIMA challenges you to consider nominating an individual that you feel has gone above/beyond, shined through the brink of change, has demonstrated unique service to your department/our profession, or someone that you see rising to the top. They can be a part of your HIM team at your site – or anyone that you’ve worked with throughout the profession and WHIMA membership.

These awards will be distributed at the WHIMA Annual Conference in Green Bay on May 8, 2019. Nominations are due no later than March 1.

Thanks for your anticipated nominations and recognition of your talented staff or co-professionals!!

WHIMA Leadership Awards Nomination Form