WHIMA Established Professional Development Scholarship

Scholarship Application Procedure

  1. Must complete the application procedure and submit the application by February 28th to be eligible for the Scholarship Award.
  2. Must be an active member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) AND the Wisconsin Health Information Management Association (WHIMA).
  3. Must submit evidence of attendance at or completion of an approved AHIMA or WHIMA continuing education program (e.g., continuing education unit (CEU) certificate) or credentialing exam.
    1. See AHIMA.org for additional information on approved continuing education programs and/or credentialing exams.
    2. See WHIMA.org and/or the WHIMA e-alert for additional information on approved continuing education programs.
  4. Include a copy of the literature for the course or session that indicates it is approved. (For example, a member is taking an online training course through the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance (AHIC) that is AHIMA-approved for continuing education units (CEUs). In this example, the member would need to submit the overview that included the AHIMA approval.)
  5. Must submit proof of personal payment for the program or AHIMA credentialing examination. Scholarship money will not be reimbursed to employers, businesses, or applicants if the receipt of payment indicates it was paid by someone other than the applicant.
    1. Must submit proof of passing an AHIMA credentialing examination, if applicable.
    2. If the requested amount within the scholarship application is less than the top reimbursement of $100.00, the applicant shall receive the monetary amount requested.
    3. If the applicant has purchased multiple CEU sessions for scholarship approval, all proof of payment and course study material will need to be submitted. However, the maximum reimbursement allowed will not exceed the top reimbursement of $100.00. (Per Applicant)
  6. List any areas where you have made a contribution to the Health Information profession in your career or in a volunteer role.

Established Professional Development Scholarship

Applicant Information


Short Answer Questions

Credentialing Exam Supporting Documents

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Continuing Education Supporting Documents

Are you requesting reimbursement for continuing education units (CEU)?

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