Please see below the communication that WHIMA leaders received from our AHIMA Board Liaison Jennifer Mueller regarding the new CCHIIM requirement that 40% of CEUs must be obtained from AHIMA. WHIMA will continue to share any updates that we receive.

Dear WHIMA Leadership and WHIMA Members,

You are most likely aware of the request made by several of the CA leaders requesting an emergency meeting of the House of Delegates. We have responded to those individuals and wanted to keep you informed about that response and the updates following the important questions received about the CEU policy changes made by CCHIIM. Attached is the letter we sent. Please share this with your members, too, so we are all working from the same understanding about the recent changes and next steps.

I want you to know that the AHIMA staff will continue to educate on this topic throughout the year in the lead-up to the January 2025 implementation. They will share the highlights with the full House before the House of Delegates meeting on Feb. 14. You should also stay tuned for a monthly feature in AHIMA & You and for new educational content and interactive tools on the recertification center on which you can find at this link.

Thank you,
AHIMA Board Liaison

Read the Latest Update from AHIMA on the CEU Policy Changes