Copy Fees for Electronic Copy Requests – WHIMA’s Response to Banuelos v. UW Hospitals & Clinics Court of Appeals Decision

By Terianne Brunner, RHIA, WHIMA President

WHIMA has joined several other organizations, including Wisconsin Hospital Association, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, Wisconsin Medical Society, and Wisconsin Dental Association, in filing an amicus brief for the Banuelos v. UW Hospitals & Clinics Court of Appeals decision regarding copy fees for electronic copy requests.  You can review the opinion/decision by clicking on the link for the 9/30/2021 filing date.

As an association, we felt it imperative to challenge this ruling as this will financially affect numerous organizations throughout our state, and eventually the nation, if not overturned.  Because of this ruling, our state is under close watch from a variety of companies and organizations that will be looking to leverage what we feel is a misinterpretation of the statute.

We are just in the beginning stages of this process, so more information will be forthcoming as it develops.   Please contact WHIMA President, Terianne Brunner or the WHIMA Executive Office at