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As healthcare professionals who are committed to excellence in the management of health information for the benefit of patients and providers, we understand the cost of patient misidentification.  We are acutely aware that patient misidentification continues to jeopardize patient safety, limits and delays data sharing and interoperability, and has an adverse effect on data quality.

Over 1400 individuals have pledged to advocate and educate on the importance of naming policies in identifying and matching patients to their unique health record.  WHIMA and AHIMA want to highlight how healthcare organizations are living the pledge.

A few WHIMA members have shared their story:

Patients have at times stated at hospital registration that now that they are starting a family, they would like to start their own medical record, rather than using the medical record associated with a group of their family members who routinely use the same insurance card. Of course, hospital staff including HIM Master Patient Index, Rev Cycle, Registration, and Privacy staff work together to untangle that which has occurred in the past.  We do routinely scan insurance cards, ask for patient government-issued ID and we take pictures of patients for our legal medical record, though we permit opt-out for the pictures.

WHIMA Member

When opening up MyChart registration online for new patients to our facility to enable them to schedule COVID vaccines, we realized that we did not have a good process in place for the collection of patient demographics.  On an average, 15 new records a day were created in error as they were already existing patients. This in turn created additional work for our HIM team to merge the records.   Unfortunately, we had to shut down the capability of online registration through MyChart for new patients and convert back to phone appointments while we re-evaluate our registration process to incorporate a naming policy.

WHIMA Member

How are you bringing the AHIMA Naming Policy “Living the Pledge” to life in your department or organization?

Share your stories—good or bad—by Friday, August 20th. 

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