What is HIM? A NEW Year – A NEW Brand?

By Vicky Wolf, RHIT, CPHQ

Happy New Year! Are you ready? Have you decided on your new year’s resolution – do you have it written down? You know what they say about goals. They are more apt to be met if written down – yes! Pen to paper! Or, are using the latest technology to capture your resolution? Yes – times have sure changed. Out with the typewriter in with the smart phone and other electronic devices. Thus, isn’t it also the perfect time to think about a new definition for HIM? A new vision?

I believe that the days of the old “medical record department” as a self-contained silo of activities involving post-discharge processing of records is a thing of the past. Don’t you? Okay – Yes…this definition has evolved some to the collection, storage, and analysis of data; however, don’t you believe it is time for a new vision of an HIM professional? A vision that resembles the world we live in today.

For example, let us take a look back at the blog post from Betty Rockendorf in which she presents opportunities in public health for HIM, Betty describes HIM as playing a part in many different roles involving health data. HIM professionals can be found in various non-traditional roles. Why? Health information is everywhere. We wear it on our wrists. Therefore, I think it is a great time for a new elevator pitch/a new vision/a new definition/a new HIM brand. What about you?

Did you know AHIMA has developed a new brand? Their new brand statement is as follows –

“AHIMA is the leading voice and authority in health information, wherever it is found” (AHIMA, 2020)

This was introduced at the CSA professional leadership symposium of HIM professionals in July 2020 along with a strategy of talking points to assist us/YOU on this journey in creation of a new elevator pitch – a new brand. This professional enhancement campaign is a research-founded approach that is designed to assist all of us in articulating what we do in the health information profession. That is – elevate YOU to a new YOU in HIM.

In this toolkit they share with us how they went through the process of creating this brand and by doing so want to assist YOU with recreating an HIM brand that is unique to your role in the profession.

Are you ready?

If so – please join us on this new adventure as we – WHIMA join with AHIMA in unveiling the new professional enhancement campaign, or PEC. This campaign is designed to:

  • Advocate and create a positive future for the profession
  • Articulate the value HIM professionals bring to healthcare
  • Elevate the HIM profession and skills to the broader healthcare arena

It includes tools to assist with rebranding our profession through talking points while encouraging each of us to commit to serving as health information “brand ambassadors” by changing the way we talk about what we do and how we explain our value. Please join us in the conversation on the following mantras –

  • Health information is Human information
  • Health information Drives innovation
  • Health information Impacts wellbeing

Health information is Human Information – What does this say to you? – Watch your WHIMA e-alert for upcoming networking events.

Conversations are being planned for January…

If it is time for a new YOU – it is time for a new HIM brand!


About the Author

Vicky Wolf, RHIT, CPHQ is an Allied Health Instructor for the HIT/MCS Program at Waukesha County Technical College. She is an active volunteer on the WHIMA Membership Engagement Team. Vicky can be reached at: Vwolf1@wctc.edu


AHIMA. (n.d.). PEC Toolkit. AHIMA.Org. Retrieved 2020, from