WHIMA Special Alert: AHIMA Strategic Plan

Dear WHIMA Members,

Your 2019-2020 WHIMA Delegates would like to share with you the attached whitepaper on the AHIMA Strategic Plan. There have been inquiries for more information on the AHIMA strategic plan and thought we would share what has been recently distributed by AHIMA. This whitepaper provides more detail on how we will proceed in the next three years. The report is clear about AHIMA’s strategies and outcomes and how we will mobilize the association to empower people to impact health. Our strategic plan and vision require HIM professionals to join as a movement, and we hope you will join us.

As we execute our strategy, we are building on an incredible history of excellence and expertise to advance the value of the profession and empower our members as a movement of everyday leaders and change-makers. Our movement is fueled by our new mission: Empowering people to impact health. We declared a mission that requires truly harnessing the collective power of all people as change-makers. Our conviction is this: while technology continues to advance, it is people who will be central to tearing down barriers to better health. As we look to the possibilities of the future, we must join as a movement of professionals driving powerful change. We look forward to joining with you. We know that while the challenges ahead are great, the opportunity for our movement to drive change is greater.

Emmy Johnson, RHIA
WHIMA President & Chief Delegate